Finding My Giant with Baby Steps


Getting a new bike is super exciting, but also a little bit scary.  My friend Dani (from the great Dani’s Drawers) recently bought a bike and wanted to tell Bikeable Jo about it.

– – –

I have to admit that I want to be more of a cyclist than I currently am. Not sure if fear is the main culprit or if I just need a push up the back side to get me going.

Last year, I bought a bike from a friend, a Specialized Expedition- upright, comfy and heavy. I have complained in the past that it was too sore to ride to long so have never really done any further than a couple of miles. This bike was great to get me started, a small step in the right direction and a happy derrière.

Last week, I bought a new bike, a Giant Roam2.  I wanted something faster and had borrowed my partner’s Cannondale and realised how heavy my bike really was. So after many a trials (thanks to Edinburgh Cycles Co-ops and Soul Cycles) I was lent a Giant from Edinburgh Cycle Company.

It was perfect for me to do. I needed to ride this bike to really appreciate it. I also needed to let go of what I thought the bike should look like. I wanted something that looked like a town bike but acted faster. I also had a budget and soon realised most new bikes were some serious dosh.

We are just back from The Lake District, took the bikes and it was great to ride. So much easier and quicker. It was a bit disappointing to be excluded from quite a few trials in The Lake District, perhaps something Bikeable Jo could find out about? Perhaps we just didn’t know the right paths to go on or perhaps they are a just a bit behind.

Next step, cycle to work! I have had a few offers of cycle buddies and now a faster bike, so no more excuses!


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