Storage on the bike

Storage on my bike has played a major role in my cycling experience and style. With various after work activities, I have had to be organised in how I commute.  When I first started cycling, I relied on my trusty backpack but I felt that there was only so much I could put on my back and to be honest, more fun to have. I moved onto pannier bags and while it worked at first, I hated the bags – they never worked off the bike when heading into meetings or at the pub. Shoulder straps, please!  There were more everyday-friendly pannier bags, but these often cost quite a bit, weren’t waterproof, or were just not my style (who says more stylish means flowers and pink patterns!).

But storage is so important!  My bike is my livelihood – I do my grocery shopping on two wheels and often need to transport unexpected items – potted plants, bottles of wine, sewing machines – and bags were just too limiting. While I think I’m gotten the knack for bikeable organisation, it’s not much fun to have to plan out your days based on what your bag can carry.  I was thinking – but reluctant – of trying a front basket when I ran into this lovely piece of work.


For an easy £20, I had to try it.  The Wald rack folds in when you don’t need it and out when you do. While folks have said it’s a bit heavy, it’s not too bad and it works so well for me. I can pack in my groceries, easily carry my commuter load each day, and when I just want to throw my jacket in the back on a nice day, I can. It’s kind of like my back seat and it’s great. When I don’t use it, it just folds away (which is also helpful when locking it up and saving space next to other bikes).



But I realise storage is up to you and how you use your bike.  This rack might not work for everyone and each person needs and wants something different for their cycling experience. My colleague Gin rocks this very cool pannier bag when she cycles into work each day.



There are so many cool options out there – there is no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with your storage options.  Etsy also has some innovative options that people have made. How do you organise your life on two wheels?


8 thoughts on “Storage on the bike

  1. I’ve had the Wald rack on my bike for more than a decade. It’s sized to fit one paper grocery bag, so my shopping, when I ride to the store, is planned around what I can get in one bag as I walk out the door. It folds easily, and the weight is not a problem. When my son was looking a bike upgrade in middle school he studied the baskets we saw in the store, and decided he wanted the one I had. It carried his laptop and all his gear for an overnight with friends. It’s going with him as he heads off to college this fall.

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